My Happy Place

Sometimes I just love the way the fiber feels right after it's dried from it's initial washing. Other times I am mesmerized by the softness as I diz it off of the combs. Still I get very interested in the color of natural wool's and the way they can change on one animal. You would… Continue reading My Happy Place

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It’s been A Long Time

Remember all those blurry photos. Well I'm in the process of taking new ones. That should be more in focus, so maybe people can actually see my yarns. Hello , does anyone still read these things? I have been trying to help everyone else but myself, I guess. I bought a lot of fleeces and… Continue reading It’s been A Long Time

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Spring Is Coming.

If your in the Midwest it's still kind of cool. but if your anything like me you look around for signs. You look for buds on trees, green things starting to peek out of the garbage that was Winter. Your mind starts to think about gardening. You wonder why the garden center at WalMart isn't… Continue reading Spring Is Coming.

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How Big is Your Knitty Noddy?

I guess the first question for those not in the know, is What's a Knitty Noddy? It's a tool used by Dyer's and Spinner's that measures and produces what's known as a hank of yarn from a spinning bobbin. Most buy their Knitty Noddies pre-made from different vendors. They come in 1 or 2 yard… Continue reading How Big is Your Knitty Noddy?

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Why does my head hurt?

With all the websites there are today, I don't understand what my problem actually is! Is it just that I didn't grow up on a computer? Or walk around with a cell phone permanently attached to my eyeballs? Start coding(?) in kindergarten! What? I'm trying to build a website, everyone tells me it's easy. All… Continue reading Why does my head hurt?