My Happy Place

Sometimes I just love the way the fiber feels right after it’s dried from it’s initial washing. Other times I am mesmerized by the softness as I diz it off of the combs. Still I get very interested in the color of natural wool’s and the way they can change on one animal.

You would think that they are all one color but when you truly look they are all different shades of the same color. It amazes me the way it feels when the fiber travels though my hands gaining twist as it does. Then the whole world fades away.

I treadle, the yarn spins, the wheel spins, my mind starts to wander. All those thoughts about age, ability, this crazy world we live in. Every little problem disappears. All I hear is the sound of the wheel turning, the motion of my feet get lost, they are on automatic now. The Fiber slips through my fingers and that’s all I know for hours.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy spinning worsted so much. I have so much more control over what happens to the yarn and the twist. Just like when I’m using my spindles I am in total control, I can spin outside, I can go to the park. I hear other people online getting all scientific about wraps per inch. (WPI) Pounds per yard. (PPY) Angle of twist, you have to use a protractor to measure it. Some know if you give them the weight and the length, whether it’s fingering, DK, Worsted, Aran, Bulky. Of coarse, it does all get measured and saved on a card along with samples.

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