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It’s been A Long Time

Remember all those blurry photos. Well I’m in the process of taking new ones. That should be more in focus, so maybe people can actually see my yarns.

Hello , does anyone still read these things? I have been trying to help everyone else but myself, I guess.

I bought a lot of fleeces and things, so I have a lot of new ideas. Hope some will stop by and say hi, please leave a comment.

A lot has happened, I had Back Surgery. They put electrodes in my spine and a battery on my ass! It is supposed to decrease the pain. And guess what, it doesn’t. Not at all it’s still the same. I have been in pain over 10 for a long, long time. It’s strange, ya’ know you almost get used it! At least I’m not falling anymore, that’s a big plus. It’s only from the waist down, but tripping over my own feet, seems to be a specialty of mine.

  • This is my latest single
  • It is 40 % Cheviot
  • 25% Angora (bunny named Storm)
  • 25% Firestar
  • 10% Glitter

I still have to ply it, but for some unknown reason life has been getting in the way. Don’t you just hate when that happens!

I have been working on a few things besides spending all my money at Sherry Tenney’s Sales. My pocket may be empty but my mind is full. And I have chapped hands from washing wool. In my tiny apt. looks a little weird.

This is one of those hospital tubs, I have 3. so they rotate.
presoak, wash and rinse.

I saw this on Facebook, and I felt like a real challenge was happening In my mind! The artist is Bethany Foisey. I decided to challenge myself.

My rendition it seems there is a lot of tangling in the beginning but she assures me it gets better,

Bethany’s almost finished.

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