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Spring Is Coming.

If your in the Midwest it’s still kind of cool. but if your anything like me you look around for signs. You look for buds on trees, green things starting to peek out of the garbage that was Winter. Your mind starts to think about gardening. You wonder why the garden center at WalMart isn’t open yet.

Yes I’m one of those nut jobs that loves Spring! I love the smell. Take your nose out of your phone for a minute and take a deep breath, what do you smell? I smell mulch, leaves doing the work to nurture the soil. What do you see? I see little tiny plants starting to poke their heads out of the ground, grass the has that lovely chartruce green that is so hard to capture. Of course the weeds got the jump on everyone, they are the first out.

Close your eyes now…. concentrate, this one is hard for some people. What do you hear? I hear birdsong. I hear them answering each other. I have seen the hawks out. My friendly neighborhood squirrels are back. I have a brown, a grey, and a black one. they come visit me every year. They know I will always leave a little something for them . The cardinals, sparrows, and the titmouse are out. Each looking for a mate. Ducks and Geese are making their nests and laying their eggs.

Warning: if you come across geese on a nest give them a wide berth. They can be particulatly nasty when they are guarding their eggs. It’s time to set up the bird feeders, and keep them full Lots of hungry Mama’s out there. Drivers please be aware of wild animals crossing roads. They were here before we were.

All in all everyone, take the time to look around instead of down at your phone. The best show on earth is happening right before your eyes. All you have to do is look…….

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