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How Big is Your Knitty Noddy?

I guess the first question for those not in the know, is What’s a Knitty Noddy? It’s a tool used by Dyer’s and Spinner’s that measures and produces what’s known as a hank of yarn from a spinning bobbin. Most buy their Knitty Noddies pre-made from different vendors. They come in 1 or 2 yard sizes and are made of a multitude of woods, with many different finishes. They can be ornate or plain. Here is a picture of a plain one.

Knitty Noddy

I’m not sure how many people out there have made their own Knitty Noddies out of PVC pipe. But if you have, be very careful about your measurments. Some of you may be thinking thats not so hard and it isn’t. BUT…..

Some people are hyper and easily distracted, by some I mean me! ” Look it’s a squirrel ” should be tatooed on me somewhere! PVC at the hardware store, comes in like these 6 foot tall pieces. Then the patterns say to get 2 T fittings as well. I got this!!

Now I know this is a very sexist thing to say, but there are advantages to being a blonde. I realized that I did not have a saw at home to cut the PVC. I put on my best doddy blonde face and asked the nice youg man helping me how do I cut this, is there a special tool? He said just use a saw ma’am. I hate being called Ma’am. Everyone has buzz words that bother them, This guy was really close to my age, I felt the tiny hairs on the back of my neck start to stand up! ( People who really know me, know I could build a house with enough manpower!) Anyway, I gave it my best hair flip, and asked him if there was some way he could saw the pieces for me. He said sure, (big mistake) I produced a list of all the cut sizes I needed there were 10 of them! He disappeared into the back room with the PVC. He return AWHILE later with all the pieces in a bag. he gave me a sales slip for 4 T fittings and 1 PVC pipe. I thanked him, fawning a little ( I know, even I felt sick) and said goodbye. I went to check out.

When I got outside my son was there, He said, sorry I had to leave because I was laughing so hard. You do realize that they are suppose to cut it for you, right? I said sure, but where’s the fun in that! I was excited to get home home and construct my new toys, which I proceeded to enjoy.

After a couple of skeins, I noticed my measurments were a little off. I got a tape measure out and checked. They were to big! I forgot to account for the height of the T fittings in my plan! I actually hit myself on the forehead, and said,” talk about a dumb blonde”!! Well this was to much for my son who was laughing hysterically! Funny, what do I cut this with? While he was trying to use the saw on his knife, I was rummaging around the kitchen. I pulled out a steak knife we got while camping. he was getting nowhere fast, so I tried the knife, it went through like butter! Now I have to rewind all the skeins to get the right measurments.

Needless to say I put this off for quite a long time and have been doing it now. So when my opening update goes live, everything will be correct! This was a long one, if your still here thanks for sticking with it. opening update is approaching quickly. See ya’ soon.

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